Monday, 2 July 2012


Every single beat, 
Every single note, 
Every single movement. 

It wells up inside your chest, 
And just spreads across your body. 
A feeling of warmth and home. 

Music it an escape.
You play through it.
You feel it. 
You connect with it. 

Music is a beautiful thing.
Something that can take you to a different world. 
Something that can make you feel a million different things, 
All at once. 

Music can take over. 
It can becomes a part of you. 
Something that you can't live with.
Something that is a lifeline. 

Because when all else fails,
Music is there, 
It understands, 
It empathizes with you. 

Music can take you away.
Stop the pain. 
Show you that you aren't alone.

Music is your heart and soul

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